Reptile Feeders located in Norwood, Ontario, Canada provides pets, pet supplies, and food to distributors and retailers throughout Canada.

We're different!

We are Canada's largest live food facility and we just keep growing.

With a dedicated staff overseeing our many departments we work tirelessly to produce the best quality products.

From in-house breeding programs for rodents, reptiles, and feeder insects, to packaging and delivery we are obsessed with quality.

What we don't produce here on the farm we source from suppliers who are held to the same strict quality standards as our in house production

Give us a try!

If you are a Pet Store, distributor, or professional breeder please get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and see what Reptile Feeders can do for you. Quantity discounts are also available for hobbyists with high-volume feeder and supply needs.

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