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The Guinea Pig

Reptile Feeders Guinea Pigs are produced in house with with the utmost attention given to the health and well being of the adults and their offspring.

Our Guinea breeding program includes short-hair, abbyssinian, and skinny pigs in a wide range of colours. All adults and babies are handled regularly and our baby guineas will make wonderful pets for your customers.

One of the wonderful things about Guinea Pigs is their complex vocalizations. Your guineas will 'wheek' in anticipation of being fed, and purr when happily snuggling with you or doing somthing else they enjoy.

Abbysinian Guinea Pig
Baby "Skinny" Pigs

Give us a try!

If you are a Pet Store, distributor, or professional breeder please get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and see what Reptile Feeders can do for you. Quantity discounts are also available for hobbyists with high-volume feeder and supply needs.

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