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The Superworm

The superworm is another staple food item in the world of reptile and amphibian keeping.

Peaches the Bearded Dragon visits a superworm holding bin

The larvae of a tropical Darkling Beetle, the superworm (Zophobas morio), has taken the reptile world by storm. Larger (2"+), similair in protein, and less chitinous than the common mealworm they make a great addition to a varied diet.

At Reptile Feeders we produce all our own superworms. We produce superworms by the millions, and as such have a department dedicated to the production of superior quality super and mealworms.

Reptile Feeders superworms are available in convenient 25, 50 and 100 pack cups. Larger quantities are available ranging from 250 to 1500 superworms, and bulk bins are available with 5000+ worms! Superworms require no refrigeration and are easy to maintain for long periods making them a super convenient food item.

Nutritional information based on dry weight:

Protein Fat Calcium Phosphorus Fiber
41.37% 41.0% 420 mg/kg 5630 mg/kg 4.0%

Give us a try!

If you are a Pet Store, distributor, or professional breeder please get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and see what Reptile Feeders can do for you. Quantity discounts are also available for hobbyists with high-volume feeder and supply needs.

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