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The Hornworm

From snack-sized to meal-sized, hornworms are fantastic food items for your reptiles and amphibians.

Hornworm Moth, Catepillar and Eggs!

Unlike their wild counterparts which are poisonous due to their diet our farm produced hornworms are super yummy and nutritious. With no hard exoskelton or chitin, and loads of calcium hornworms are a fantastic addition to a varied reptile and amphibian diet.

At Reptile Feeders we produce all our own hornworms. Raising a few worms can be fun and educational, but producing the quantities our customers demand at a consistent quality requires a committed staff, and relentless attention to detail.

Peaches the Bearded Dragon loves hornworms!

Reptile Feeders hornworms are available in all sizes. From egg to the impressive 4"-5" long large hornworm in quantities from 5 to 5000+ we are prepared to meet your needs.

Give us a try!

If you are a Pet Store, distributor, or professional breeder please get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and see what Reptile Feeders can do for you. Quantity discounts are also available for hobbyists with high-volume feeder and supply needs.

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